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Dry Lube Technology


A high performance, silicone-based conveyor lubricant / coating. Designed to lubricate - plastic and stainless tabletop conveyors chains, steel and stainless-steel bull chains, hook and trolley conveyors and air veyors.

Premium synthetic chain lubricant designed for use on PET, glass bottle, and can conveyor systems in beverage, brewery, distillery, and dairy plants. Applied using a brush mechanism in contact with the conveyor surface.

DryTrac Advantages

Used undiluted as a dry lube, needs no water

Keeps floors dry

Contains no oil-based carriers

No effluent issues, eliminates water down the drain

Dries on lines to keep them tack free and limit carryover

100% Biodegradable


  • Breweries
  • Water Bottling
  • Hot and Cold Fill Beverage
  • Fruit and Vegetable
  • Canning
  • Hot or Cold Food Canning
  • Cooking Oil Bottlers
  • Dairies

Bottling Lines

  • Water Bottling Lines
  • Cold Carbonated
  • Beverage Lines (PET)
  • Cold Carbonated Beverage Lines (Glass)
  • Hot Fill Beverage Lines (PET)
  • Hot Fill Beverage Lines (Glass)
  • Aseptic Bottling Lines
  • Tetra Lines

Transform Your Conveyor Systems Today

Discover the environmental and efficiency benefits of DryTrac's groundbreaking dry lubrication technology. Reduce maintenance, enhance safety, and lower environmental impact with a solution designed for the future. Let's redefine your production efficiency together.