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Advanced Quenching Solutions

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Oil-based and water-based quenchants for metal heat treatment processes. These quenchants are designed to improve the quenching process by providing easy cleaning, exceptional oxidation resistance, thermal stability, and consistent performance while minimizing part distortion and breakage.

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Oil Based

DuBois oil-based quenchants are ideal products for quenching intricately-shaped parts and high-hardenability alloys. They will improve your process by enabling easy cleaning for brighter work, providing exceptional oxidation resis- tance and thermal stability to optimize bath live, minimizing usage and cost with less drag-out, and providing maxi- mum control for predictable performance and consistent, high quality parts.

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ProductMinimum Flash PointWorking RangeViscosity (at 100°F in cSt)
420 Quench Oil420°F (221°C)200° - 300°F (93° - 149°C)52
AAA Quench Oil340°F (171°C)75° - 180°F (24° - 82°C)16
Quench Brite Marquenching Oil485°F (252°C)250° - 375°F (121° - 190°C)130
Marquench Oil M435°F (224°C)250° - 350°F (121° - 177°C)71
Vacuum Quench Oil380°F (193°C)130° - 160°F (54° - 71°C)23

Water Based

While minimizing part distortion and breakage, DuBois water-based quenchants provide high hardness with fast quenching speed. These products are non-flammable, easy to clean off compared to oil, dilutable to maximize use cost, and resistant to petroleum market price fluctuations.

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ProductTypical ConcentrationWorking RangeViscosity (at 100°F in cSt)
Alumiquench Pro20%75° - 130°F (24° - 54°C)5.3
Enviroquench25%75° - 150°F (24° - 66°C)6.4
PAG Steel Quench 10010%75° - 130°F (24° - 54°C)1.9
Parquench 60-XCR10%75° - 150°F (24° - 66°C)1.1
Parquench 9015%75° - 150°F (24° - 66°C)3.1
Polyquench 15XN15%75° - 150°F (24° - 66°C)3.2

Advance Your Quenching Process with Precision

Explore our innovative quenchants for exceptional heat treatment outcomes. Our oil-based and water-based solutions ensure optimal performance with reduced part distortion and increased durability. Embrace technology that enhances efficiency and supports sustainability in your operations. Get in touch to customize solutions that meet your specific needs.