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Slideway Oils
Circulating / Turbine Oils
Spindle Oils
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Best in class lubrication
solutions from DuBois Chemicals

Premium industrial lubricants protecting equipment through superior wear prevention, rust and oxidation resistance, and thermal stability.

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superior wear prevention
rust and oxidation resistance
thermal stability

Maintenance Oils

Hydraulic Oils

Designed to provide maximum service life in hydraulic systems, heat transfer systems, gear cases, friction clutches, and other industrial multifunctional applications.

Slideway Oils

Designed to provide excellent machine tool performance.

Gear Oils

Outstanding rust & oxidation protection, superior demulsibility, and long-lasting extreme pressure additives.

Circulating / Turbine Oils

Designed for premium quality applications where anti-wear features are not required.

Spindle Oils

Designed to lubricate, prevent wear, cool, and prohibit sludge and deposit formation on high speed needle and spindle bearings.