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DuraTEC 400

Ambient Temperature Phosphate-Free Pretreatment


DuraTEC 400 is the easiest to use phosphate-free pretreatment product available. It will provide superior paint adhesion and corrosion resistance to mild steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum substrates. DuraTEC 400 offers the potential for savings based on its long bath lives as well as its low operating temperatures.

Key Properties

  • Next Generation Phosphate-Free Technology
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Most forgiving pretreatment against flash rust
  • Easy-to-See Coating
  • Faster & More Complete Heavy Coating Formation
  • Low operating temperature of ambient to 115° F
  • Provides paint adhesion and corrosion resistance exceeding iron phosphates
  • Effective on ferrous and nonferrous metals
  • Produces minimal sludge and provides a long bath life
  • Best adhesion results of non-phosphate pretreatments

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