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GF Clean 752M

Low Temperature Cleaner


GF CLEAN 752M is specially formulated to clean mixed metals of aluminum, aluminum die castings and steel at substantially low temperatures. Unlike most non-etch aluminum cleaners that perform well only at high temperatures near 160°F and higher, GF CLEAN 752M works well even in unheated solutions as well as temperatures up to 180°F. Additionally, GF CLEAN 752M works exceptionally well on steel, iron and stainless steel also.

GF CLEAN 752M is a moderately alkaline liquid that contains a high amount of biodegradable surfactants and alkaline builders. It contains 3 to 4 times more organic surface-active agents than high temperature cleaners. GF CLEAN 752M packs its cleaning power into a new low temperature detergent system instead of expensive high operating temperatures.

Key Properties

  • Low foam; biodegradable; contains no heavy metals, chromates, cyanide, or silicone defoamers
  • Quickly cleans and neutralizes
  • Softens water, prevents scale buildup
  • Fast wetting handles numerous oils
  • Rinse aids provide easy rinsing

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