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General Cleaner
product description

C-1102 liquid general cleaner contains a special blend of wetting and emulsifying agents for superior penetration and removal of tough industrial soils. Once the soil substrate bond is broken, soil is held in suspension until rinsed. Rinsing is complete, leaving surfaces residue free. C-1102 contains no chelants.

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Key Properties
  • High performance general cleaner
  • Safe on ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Excellent for use in hot and cold water pressure washing applications
  • Contains phosphate for effective hard water control

C-1102 can be dispensed by pouring, pumping or educing through DuBois equipment. It can be applied using steam equipment, pressure washer, foam systems or manually. It can also be used in drive-through car wash, truck or bus wash equipment.

Product Use
Use pH:
Use Surfaces:
Safe on all surfaces