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Treo Neutral Floor Cleaner

Mild, Multi-Purpose Cleaner
product description

Treo® Neutral Floor Cleaner is a multi-purpose, non- flammable neutral floor cleaner, ideal for cleaning a wide variety of light to heavy industrial soils. Treo® Neutral Floor Cleaner is low-foaming and may be used in automatic floor scrubbing machines for removing soils from concrete floors and other hard surfaces. Treo® Neutral Floor Cleaner is suitable for high pressure and steam cleaning applications, as well as manual cleaning applications, i.e. (spray and wipe, mop and bucket cleaning). It is safe on all surfaces designed for aqueous cleaning.

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Key Properties
  • Highly concentrated — Provides low use cost
  • Neutral pH of 8.2 for improved user safety and wastewater discharge
  • Versatile — Wide soil application
  • Low-foaming — For use in automatic floor scrubbers, pressure washers, and steam cleaning equipment
  • Readily biodegradable and phosphate-free

Treo® Neutral Floor Cleaner can be dispensed by pouring, pumping or educting through DuBois equipment. It can be applied via steam cleaning equipment, pressure washers and automatic floor scrubbers.

Product Use
Use pH:
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Safe on all surfaces