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Power Lift

Floor and General Purpose Cleaner
product description

Power Lift is a multi-metal safe multi-purpose, nonflammable, alkaline cleaner ideal for cleaning a wide variety of light to heavy industrial soils from numerous hard surfaces. A unique blend of detergents, grease emulsifying agents and soil suspending agents give Power Lift the ability to penetrate even the toughest soils. Excellent for use with automatic floor scrubbers, pressure washers, and steam cleaning equipment. At lower concentrations, Power Lift can also be used to remove oils and greases from fabrics. Pretest on a small area before using.

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Key Properties
  • Economical —Highly concentrated POWER LIFT can be diluted up to 1:100, providing low use cost
  • Powerful — Formulated to remove the toughest soils, such as, grease, oil and rubber tire marks
  • Controlled Foaming — Can be used in floor scrubbers, steam cleaning and pressure cleaning equipment
  • Versatile — Cleans a wide range of soils and surfaces. Safe on many metals and painted surfaces
  • Complies with U.S.D.A. requirements for food production facilities
  • Non-hazardous ingredients. No SARA III Section 313 reportables

Power Lift is dispensed by pouring, pumping or educting through DuBois equipment. It can be applied using pressure washer, steam equipment, automatic floor scrubber or manually.

Product Use
Use pH:
Use Surfaces:
Safe on steel, stainless steel, rubber, & plastics. Pretest on soft metals.