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Radi Aze

Medium to Heavy Duty General Cleaner
product description

Radi-Aze is a light to medium duty, liquid, alkaline cleaner for use in a wide range of transportation cleaning applications. A superior blend of wetting and grease emulsifying agents gives Radi-Aze its unique cleaning and degreasing power. Radi-Aze breaks the bond that holds soils to surfaces and holds the soil in suspension, so rinsing is complete. Radi-Aze is completely soluble in cold or hot water and is suitable for low and high pressure, foam and steam cleaning.

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Key Properties
  • Six Major Cleaning & Degreasing Applications:
    1) Vehicle Cleaner - Exterior
    2) Vehicle Cleaner - Interior
    3) Engine Degreaser
    4) Floor Cleaner
    5) General Purpose Cleaner
    6) Steam Cleaner
  • Superior Grease Cutting - Emulsifies tough grease and oils
  • Economical - Concentrated for low using cost - Usable in a wide variety of cleaning jobs
  • USDA Approval - Rated A-1

Radi-Aze may be dispensed through automatic drive- through and gantry vehicle wash systems, pressure washers, steam cleaners and automatic foamers.

Product Use
Use pH:
Use Surfaces:
Safe on all surfaces