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Floor and General-Purpose Cleaner
product description

Neutra-Lift is a multi-purpose, nonflammable, mildly alkaline cleaner ideal for cleaning a wide variety of light to heavy industrial soils from numerous hard surfaces. Neutra-Lift is low foaming and can be used effectively in automatic floor scrubbing and other cleaning machines. Neutra-Lift is suitable for high pressure and steam cleaning applications, as well as for manual cleaning, i.e., spray and wipe, mop and bucket cleaning, etc.

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Key Properties
  • Highly concentrated — Low use cost
  • Safe, mildly alkaline pH — Use solution has pH of 8.3 for improved safety and wastewater discharge
  • Versatile — Applicable for a wide range of soils and surfaces
  • Cleans completely — Leaves surfaces clean and residue-free
  • Low-foaming — For use in automatic cleaning machines, pressure washers, and steam cleaning equipment
  • Nonhazardous ingredients — No SARA Title III reportable ingredients
Product Use
Use pH:
Use Surfaces:
Safe on all surfaces