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Spirit 126

Odorless Solvent Degreaser
product description

SPIRIT 126 odorless solvent performs as a safety solvent for degreasing and as a vanishing oil for use in metal pressworking operations. It is an odorless blend of 100% aliphatic hydrocarbons, with a flash point over 100o F, that evaporates quickly to a residue-free surface. Used as a hand-wipe, SPIRIT 126 exhibits fast evaporation on smooth, hard surfaces for light oil and grease removal. As demonstrated by users in the aerospace community, SPIRIT 126 is a good replacement candidate for 1,1,1 trichloroethane. This highly purified blend makes SPIRIT 126 an excellent choice for many industrial cleaning applications where water cannot be tolerated and a fast evaporating, residue-free surface is required.

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Key Properties
  • Evaporates quickly to leave a residue-free surface
  • Flashpoint of 126°F
  • Odorless for greater worker acceptance
  • Excellent vanishing oil

SPIRIT 126 is formulated for use in recirculating parts washers, immersion and ultrasonic tanks. DuBois supplies parts washers through GraymillsTM , one of the industry leaders in recirculating parts washers. Contact the Equipment or Maintenance Cleaning Group for further details. SPIRIT 126 can be applied to surfaces via solvent- resistant trigger sprayers or SURE SHOT sprayers. SPIRIT 126 is dispensed into smaller containers or points of use via DuBois solvent resistant Drum Pump, or other solvent-resistant chemical handling equipment.

Product Use
Flash Point (°F/°C):
126 / 52
Use Surfaces:
Safe on all metal & most painted surfaces. Pretest on plastic and rubber.