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Lift F231

Floor and General Purpose Cleaner
product description

Lift F231 is an economical, high quality, low foaming, liquid general cleaner designed for use in floor scrubbers, steam cleaning, pressure cleaning and manual cleaning. Lift F231, with its blend of solvents and surfactants, quickly penetrates and lifts industrial soils from hard surfaces.

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Key Properties
  • Excellent cleaning value
  • Mild pH for user safety
  • Low foaming for use in power floor scrubbers
  • Contains no phosphates

Lift F231 is dispensed by pouring, pumping or educting through DuBois equipment. It can be applied using pressure washer, steam equipment, automatic floor scrubber or manually.

Product Use
Use pH:
Use Surfaces:
Safe on steel, stainless steel, rubber, & plastics. Pretest on soft metals.