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Industrial General Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser
product description

JETTACIN multi-purpose cleaner is a medium- to heavy- duty, environmentally acceptable, liquid detergent. A unique blend of surfactants and emulsifying agents, plus a natural solvent, give JETTACIN its ability to break the bond of even the toughest soils. Rinsing is rapid and complete, leaving surfaces residue free. Its active solvent is FDA GRAS-listed (generally regarded as safe). JETTACIN is completely soluble in cold or hot water and is suitable for high pressure cleaning.

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Key Properties
  • Versatile Product - JETTACIN has proven to be an effective cleaner in a wide variety of applications, soils, and substrates. It can be used in pressure cleaning and manual cleaning
  • JETTACIN contains no "butyl cellosolve," glycol ethers or phosphates. JETTACIN is biodegradable when used as directed
  • Metal Safe - JETTACIN is safe on most common alloys, soft metals and paints when used as directed. This can save you the time, labor and money associated with chemical damage
  • Economical To Use - With a dilution ratio up to 1:128, JETTACIN provides a lower use cost than other cleaners

JETTACIN can be dispensed from the shipping container by pouring, pumping or educting through DuBois Division equipment.

Product Use
Use pH:
Flash Point (°F/°C):
133 / 56
Use Surfaces:
Safe on most metals & painted surfaces. Pretest on plastic & rubber surfaces.