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General Purpose Liquid Cleaner
product description

A multi-purpose, non-flammable cleaner and degreaser, which at economical dilutions, removes a broad spectrum of soils, greases, and oils from any surface which water will not harm. LIFT will remove and emulsify soils so that the surface being cleaned will wipe or rinse residue free.

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Key Properties
  • Reduces Labor Costs - Cleans and degreases in one operation
  • Versatile - Applicable to a wide range of soils and surfaces
  • Safe - Contains no ammonia or harsh alkali - 100% non-flammable
  • Cleans Completely - Does not leave a film or residue

LIFT is designed to be diluted with water, and all dilution ratios are dependent on degree and type of soil.

Product Use
Use pH:
Use Surfaces:
Safe on all surfaces