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Spirit 170

Non-Conductive Solvent/Degreaser
product description

Spirit 170 aliphatic solvent cleaner is effective against oils, greases, pitch and tars. Spirit 170 can be used as an electrical contact cleaner on disconnected electric motor parts in place of chlorinated solvents. Provides excellent dielectric strength of 40.9 KV (kilovolts). Spirit 170 effectively cleans heavy grease and oil residues, but also cuts through a variety of hydrocarbon-based adhesives. Formulated as a tough degreaser, Spirit 170 is also effective as a floating degreaser in lift stations and digestors. High flash point and no ozone depleting compounds (ODC's) make Spirit 170 a good alternative to 1,1,1 trichloroethane, xylene and naphtha. Spirit 170 has very low toxicity, making it an excellent replacement for these traditional solvents.

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Key Properties
  • Environmentally responsible, designed to meet clean air act guidelines
  • Fast penetration and removal of grease, oil and related soils
  • Non-conductive, high dielectric strength
  • Non-ODC solvent
  • Requires no rinsing, dries to residue-free surface
  • High flash point, designed for recirculating parts washers
Product Use
Flash Point (°F/°C):
170 / 76
Use Surfaces:
Safe on all metals. Pretest on plastic, paints, & rubber. Can degrade urethane & natural rubber with extended exposure.