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DuJel Citrus

Gel Cleaner
product description

DuJel Citrus is a ready-to-use, gel, heavy duty cleaner. DuJel Citrus is a gel-in-a-drum cleaner that requires no additional mixing or handling. It is formulated for cleaning tar, adhesives, and heavily soiled machinery. DuJel Citrus is solventized to remove these tough soils. When applied, DuJel Citrus clings to surfaces, ensuring intimate contact and superior dwell time on tough industrial soils. The spent chemical and loosened soils are then easily rinsed away with water.

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Key Properties
  • Ready to Use - No Mixing Required
  • Can be Dispensed with Air-Driven Pumps, Electric Driven Pumps, Pump Sprayer or Manually Applied with Brush or Roller
  • Excellent for Removal of Adhesives and Stickies from Paper Machine Wires, Frames and Fabrics
  • Solventized for Superior Tar and Adhesive Removal

Contact your DuBois sales representative for specific application systems. In general, air-driven diaphragm pumps or electric vane pumps are preferred. Various spray systems nozzle configurations can be used, depending on length of throw required.

• Less than 4 ft. of Throw Use Nozzle 9504
• 4 ft. to 6 ft. of Throw Use Nozzle 2502
• 5 ft. to 10 ft. of Throw Use Nozzle 1505
• For distances greater than 10 ft., use Spray Systems

Orifice Plate #CP4916-91 or #CP4916- 110 or #CP4916- 120.

Product Use
Flash Point (°F/°C):
118 / 47
Use Surfaces:
Safe on all metals. Pretest on painted and plastic surfaces.