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Solventized Emulsion Cleaner
product description

Expedite is a blend of aliphatic solvents, synthetic surfactants and detergents. It is a heavy duty degreaser used to remove heavy duty grease, oil build-up, carbonaceous deposits, shop oils, sludge, encrusted oily grime, and other soils derived from petroleum distillates. Expedite, when used straight, is an excellent pre-soak solvent for subsequent high pressure, steam and immersion cleaning. Use Expedite on virtually any surface that is compatible with water and petroleum solvents. Use Expedite as an equipment cleaner where a combination of painted surfaces and metal surfaces are typically found. It is an excellent concrete floor cleaner for warehouses, production plants such as petrochemical, paper, steel, metal fabrication facilities, finished manufacturing and other process manufacturing industries. Expedite is particularly applicable to cleaning large areas such as floors, walls, transportation equipment, refinery tanks...or anywhere grease and oil accumulate and must be cleaned.

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Key Properties
  • Solventized emulsion cleaner
  • Heavy duty industrial degreaser
  • Non-flammable – 210o F (TCC) flash point
  • Low pH for maximum safety
  • Versatile – Use in steam cleaning, pressure cleaning and normal cleaning
Product Use
Use pH:
Flash Point (°F/°C):
210 / 98
Use Surfaces:
Safe on all metals. Pretest on painted & plastic surfaces.